Ed & Poppie 11-1-00ks

DESPITE its national industry-wide success, Engraphix had some humble
beginnings. It all started in 1968, when Marvin Brimer founded the
company as
Engravings Unlimited.

The company began as an idea by its founder, Marvin Brimer, to
reconfigure an obsolete newspaper plate engraving machine into a tool to
create decorative metal engravings. After perfecting the concept, he
searched for the proper market, delving into art reproductions, plaques,
awards, and small-scale signs. He moved the equipment from the
basement of his home in the late 1960's into an industrial warehouse
space and hired his first employee. As the business started to grow,
he took a bold step in 1971 and opened up his first storefront showroom
and manufacturing facility in downtown Clayton, MO, an area of upscale
shops, boutiques, offices, and restaurants in suburban St. Louis.

With the exposure to the corporate and arts community, Marvin continued
to expand the business into other graphic processes and techniques, always
experimenting with new ideas. The company grew steadily in the 1970's
with the expansion of the plaque and award industry. In June of 1980, the
business had outgrown it's 1,700 sq. ft. retail storefront location, and
Marvin moved it to a more industrial location a few miles away, doubling
its size and allowing for increased production capacity. Later that year,
Marvin's son Ed Brimer joined the business to focus on the up-and-coming
architectural signage industry.

The company moved again in 1984 to a larger nearby location and
continued to steadily grow with the signage industry.

In 1995, the company expanded with a major remodeling and construction
project, again doubling its space into its current facility. In concert with the
project's completion, the company's name was changed to
Architectural Signage, Inc.
in order to truly identify with its primary
product line.

With the expanded space, the company has continued to increase its
workforce in both sales and production, taking on many more unique and
larger projects in all aspects of the environmental graphics industry. The
custom fabrication area has grown tremendously allowing the company to
go beyond traditional signage and into more sculptural and 3-D products.

The years of 2007 to 2010 have been especially productive and again the
company has grown by taking on additional space in two adjacent
buildings increasing its current workspace to a total of 40,000 square feet.

The showroom and manufacturing facilities have been continually
upgraded over the years allowing Engraphix to become a dominant player
in the environmental graphics industry serving a nationwide clientele.